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  • Tubers in your cart are not “reserved” and may sell out before you complete your order. All orders are processed as they are received. Items are only secured once a purchase is completed with confirmation of accepted payment.

  • Some varieties have limited quantities available, and we apologize in advance if a variety you wished for sells out before you are able to check-out. 

  • All tubers sold were grown on our own farm and are not imported from other countries.


  • You will get a shipping confirmation email with tracking information as soon as we ship your order. Please DO NOT email or message us asking if your order has shipped. This results in more work for us to verify your order, shipping address, shipping schedule, and respond to your message. 

  • All tubers are packed with vermiculite and are labeled with their unique code or abbreviation. Please check the variety’s SKU on your packing slip to help decipher the code or abbreviation. If you are still unsure, you may reach out with a picture, but please be patient for responses. 

  • We use paper bags for packaging to allow the tubers to breathe and to prevent moisture build-up. 

  • Orders will be shipped starting in April to the warmer states first. Shipping dates will vary as needed according to weather and location and will continue until all orders have been dispatched. We cannot offer custom shipment dates, accept requests for early shipment, nor hold shipments for any reason.

  • We do offer heat packs for $5 each if you are concerned about your tubers freezing in the mail. Please take care to note that Northwood is located in north central Pennsylvania (zone 6a/5b), and we are not responsible for frozen tubers. We will do our best to only ship out when temperatures are desirable. If you are concerned about your tubers freezing, please purchase a heat pack.

  • Orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping options are as follows:

  1. 1-4 tubers = small priority box = $8.10

  2. 5+ tubers + medium priority box = $15.00

  • If you order a heat pack, we recommend choosing the MEDIUM box for $15.00 to ensure your tubers have enough space from the heat pack. Small boxes may not provide enough space between the heat pack and your tubers and may lead to cooked tubers. 

  • Please make sure your address is entered correctly. Mistakes can mean delays and or loss of your order.

  • We can only ship within the United States of America. 

  • While we package your order with care to protect against damage in transit, we cannot guarantee performance of the carrier nor assume liability for carrier-related losses. We are not liable for losses from package theft or negligence of the recipient. Delivery status is designated solely by the carrier according to geo-located package scans. If you cannot locate a package which has been marked by the carrier as delivered, please contact your local Post Office for assistance in locating your package.

  • COMBINING SHIPPING: We cannot guarantee combined orders to reduce shipping costs. As unfortunate as this is, please note that we are a husband-wife duo with two small children making this tuber sale happen. The logistics of combining orders and refunding costs and ensuring orders are correct is too much for our small operation. 

  • We will do our best to combine orders when possible, but we cannot guarantee this.


  • If you choose local pick-up, you will be contacted by Hannah with a pick-up date and time. Please be sure to keep an eye on your email for those details. Please do not arrive unannounced at our farm as we are closed to the public. 

  • If you cannot commit to local pick-up, PLEASE CHOOSE THE SHIPPING OPTION.


  • Upon arrival, inspect your tubers and be sure to store them in a cool area until planting time. We recommend researching best practices for pre-planting storage. DO NOT store them in an area that could freeze. 

  • We guarantee that each tuber will be hand-selected (by Hannah), be viable, true to variety, and have a visible eye or sprout when shipped. As long as the tuber has a viable eye, it's up to you not to kill it. Please also note that tubers vary in size, shape, and texture. The size of the tuber does not dictate the success of the plant. Some plants produce very small tubers. Tubers also vary in appearance even from the same mother clump. Additionally, small amounts of wrinkling are also normal for some varieties and this does not mean your tuber will not produce a plant. Wrinkled does not equal shriveled. We will not ship shriveled tubers!


  • Due to multiple variables that come into play with Mother Nature and human error, we cannot guarantee a tuber's performance once it's in your hand. Please remember that after 3 days, due to the perishable nature of tubers, we do not offer refunds.

  • For issues concerning the quality and viability of a dahlia tuber, both a specific written description of the issue with a short video and/or photos showing the tuber's markings and the issue described are required to initiate a refund/return request.

  • If you are unsatisfied with your order, returns are required with our labeled tubers in the original packaging for a refund. The package must be returned within 10 days of delivery.

  • Communication: We are a husband-wife operation and we operate a working farm and each have full-time jobs and two small children. We do not carry/answer/check my phone at all times. If you have an order issue, an email is required to Keep in mind responses may be within a day or two and your dated email meets the 3 days. Spring is busy for us as farmers, as it is also our lambing season. Please be patient.

  • If you are impatient and choose to turn to social media to voice your opinion with concerns/comments/reviews no refund will be offered. Period. 

  • Please understand we are not responsible for damage due to bad weather, pests, poor field conditions, negligence, or plant performance. 

  • Our tubers and fields are inspected and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.  We cull suspicious plants throughout the growing season, sanitize between plants and do not use any pesticides or pest sprays on our plants. That being said, by purchasing you accept the fact that dahlias sometimes get sick, just like any other plant, and virus is not 100% avoidable. 

  • SUBSTITUTIONS: We do not offer substitutions due to stock loss. If something unexpected happens with storage between your order and shipping, we will refund you the price of the tuber(s).

We appreciate your support of oursmall, first generation family farm.Please know that we have deep gratitudefor every order we receive, andthat we want you to have thebest experience possible.

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