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Northwood Homestead

Dahlia Bouquet Subscription

Our flowers really start cranking out the blooms in August, and soon we are inundated with flowers. In order to share the dahlia love, we created a four week bouquet subscription just for you! Read on to find out more details. 


What is a Subscription?

Our bouquet subscription provides you with a freshly cut bouquet of flowers each week for four weeks in a row. Some farms use the term "CSA" or "Community Supported Agriculture" to describe the same or similar services. Basically this subscription allows us (the farmers) to pre-sell our flowers before the season even begins.

Because the dahlias bloom in such a short season, the majority of our year is short on income. By pre-selling dahlia bouquet subscriptions, we are able to fund our farm on a more regular schedule. Our subscription helps us keep the ball rolling all year long.

What are the Benefits of a Bouquet Subscription?

Sure, you can purchase flowers from us at any point during the growing season. We offer bouquets for farm pick-up, or you could catch us at a farmer's market to score yourself some flowers. We even partner with local businesses who stock our flowers.

BUT our flowers sell out fast at any of these locations, and it's first come first serve. 

By purchasing a bouquet subscription, you are locking in your flowers for good. No fighting lines at farmer's markets or driving to the farm only to see we've sold out of our flowers. All bouquet subscribers get their flowers first. It's basically a luxury service for our loyal customers.

Additionally, our subscriber bouquets are larger than market bouquets, so you're getting a more luscious share of flowers! 


Fun Facts

We do not use any chemicals or pesticides on our plants, so you won't be bringing any toxins into your home.

You are supporting a small, local business and a first-generation farm! Go you!

Bouquet subscriptions are farm pick-up only at the moment. This means you get to lay eyes on our farm and see all the craziness we have going on! 


Convenient, Local Flowers

We appreciate all of our customers, and we hope to see you on our subscriber list!

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