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Frequently Asked Questions - Dahlia Edition

1. What do I do with my tubers once they arrive?

Your dahlia tubers will arrive looking like wonky potatoes. They will have a tiny purplish or white/green "eye" and that is where the plant will sprout from. You should keep them in a cool, dark, humid location until planting if possible. However, it is crucial you keep your tubers from freezing, as this will kill the plant. You can plant out your tubers according to your hardiness zone, after all chance of freezing has passed.

2. Are there special planting instructions?

You should choose a planting location with the most sun exposure possible. A lack of sunlight may affect the number of blooms your dahlias produce. Plant your tuber 4-6" deep and approximately 12-18" away from other dahlias. Lay your tuber in the hole horizontally, or at least diagonally, with the eye facing up. Do not water your tubers until the plant has emerged from the ground at least 6 inches tall. Tubers will rot in poor-draining, over-saturated soil.

3. Are dahlias perennial flowers?

Sadly, no. In most zones, dahlias are not perennials. Check your hardiness zone to be sure. However, if you dig up your dahlias before the first hard freeze, you can preserve the "clumps" and plant them again next year. You can also divide the clump into individual tubers like the ones your purchased from us, and you will have a handful of new plants identical to the mother plant!

4. What pests are dahlias prone to?

Dahlias are prone to numerous pests, and it's a bit of a game to figure out what pest-control methods work for you and are preferrable to your needs. For example, we do not use toxic chemicals on our farm to control pests. In any case, slugs, potato bugs, aphids, and thrips are just a handful of the pests that have bothered my own dahlias!

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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