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This is a preorder only. We set eggs to hatch based on the number of orders we have coming in. When you place your order, we will contact you with an estimated time to pick up your chicks. Chicks are only available for FARM PICK UP. We will not ship chicks. 


These are barnyard mix chicks from our rainbow layer flock. We have the following roosters:

- Black Copper Marans

- Easter Egger


Over the following hens:

- Black Copper Marans

- Easter Eggers

- Americaunas

- Buff Orpington

- Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

- Moss Eggers

- White Leghorns

- Standard Cochin


All chicks are straight run. We do allow for rooster/cockerel return within 6 months, but we cannot offer exchanges for hens or pullets. 

Barnyard Mix Chicks

Our first chicks are expected within the next few weeks. We will contact you when they're ready for pick up!
  • All chicks must be picked up within three days of hatching. You will receive communication from the farm regarding your hatch date and pick up instructions. All chicks are picked up from the farm unless meeting arrangements have been made.

    If you do not pickup your chicks within three days, you will be subject to forfeiting your chicks without refund or additional fees will be added to your total.